High quality MIX and MASTERING for DIGITAL and VINYL.

Sclosa Post Audio was established in 2011 with the mind set to provide the highest possible quality mastering and audio restoration at an affordable price for the client. Here at Sclosa Post Audio we believe that conversion, clocking and monitoring are the most important parts of the mastering chain.

We provide online mastering, stem mastering, mixing as well as attended mastering at our highly musical sounding acoustic studio space in Brighton, UK. We offer high quality AD and DA conversion combined with rich and quality valve outboard gear to get you the warmth and clarity you desire.

We pride ourselves on a quick turn around with high quality end results and a flexible pricing structure to suit any budget.

Alyn Sclosa (Founder), while working for Warner Bros as a post production engineer and also working closely with Antelope Audio has the experience and access to the highest grade and revolutionary audio conversion available, resulting in a more accurate digital representation of your analogue music and an experienced ear to your sound.

Sclosa Post Audio is now MASTERED FOR ITUNES (MFIT) capable

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